Happy Apple Indoor Suspension

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HAPPY APPLE, the innovative lamp made in polyethylene, is designed by Alberto Basaglia e Natalia Rota Nodari exclusively for Pedrali. Its shape is curious: HAPPY APPLE is, in fact, a not perfectly spherical sphere: when standing on the floor, it seems to be emerging from the ground; when hanging, it recalls an apple on a tree. Multipurpose lightning, it suits perfectly both indoors and outdoors and can be used as a ceiling lamp, a floor lamp and as a wall lamp as well. The handle placed on the base makes it easy to pick up, move and hang.Ceiling rose-cap-handle in white colour, transparent cable. Illuminated by a low energy consumption bulb included. 
kr 2.598,00kr 3.766,00
Størrelse Ø500 Ø800
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