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The floor lamp L001T / BA of Pedrali surprises first by its dimensions: indeed, with a height of 220cm and a length of 220cm, it is imposing! However, an impression of lightness and finesse emerges from this design floor lamp with clean lines and contemporary. With its large double lampshade, it can illuminate your living room or bedroom. The outer lampshade comes in 5 different colors, while the innerst lampshade is always white  and you can choose a white or black base. You have a great choice of colors!
Designers:Alberto Basaglia Natalia Rota Nodari


Height 2200 mm Lampshade Ø520mmx320mm. Stainless steel base: Ø450mm.

Available colors: Transparent, white, black, fume,red.


kr 10.215,00

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